Contemporary dance:

Claire Hardy dance therapy, IdeasTap

Make your soul rich, not your pockets: an interview with Rambert’s Mbulelo Ndabeni, IdeasTap

All published in NAFOURA magazine


Interview with Lorna of Cairo

Interview with Yasmina of Cairo

Interview with Nadine WeBass

Interview with Hossam Ramzy and Serena Ramzy

An Interview with Fifi Abdou

Interview with Sadie Marquardt

Interview with Eman Zaki

BabyBliss Girls


Belly dance rocks

Perceptions of bellydance in the East and West

A musician’s relationship to belly dance

The Bellydancer’s Treasure Pack

RaqsWeMazika school

Planet Egypt


BabyBliss Girls review

Pyramid Awards

Review of Urban Raqs

Belly dance for heroes

Bellydance Congress 2009

Brighton Orient


October 2009; Vol.1 Issue 10 (Lorna of Cairo, p.37):

November 2009; Vol.1 Issue 11 (Belly dance congress, Fifi Abdou, Sadie, Eman Zaki):

December 2009; Vol.1 Issue 12 (Pyramid Awards/Fereshteh):

January 2010; Vol.2 Issue 1 (Urban Raqs):—January-2010–

March 2010; Vol.2 Issue 3 (Belly dance for Heroes, RaksWeMazika):—March-2010

April 2010; Vol.2 Issue 4 (BabyBliss Review, Brighton Orient):—April-2010

May 2010; Vol.2 Issue 5 (Belly dance rocks):—May-2010

June 2010; Vol.2 Issue 6 (Treasure Pack, Belly dance perceptions):—June-2010

July 2010; Vol.2 Issue 7 (Musician’s Perspective)—July-2010

September 2010; Vol.2 Issue 9 (BabyBliss Girls interview)—vol.-2—issue-9

November 2010; Vol.2 Issue 11 (Hossam Ramzy):—vol.2—issue-11

January 2011; Vol.3 Issue 1 (Yasmina of Cairo):

February 2011; Vol.3 Issue 2 (Nadine WeBass):—issue-2

May 2011; Vol 3. Issue 5 (Planet Egypt)—vol.-3—issue-5

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